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"Abaddon""Blobby""Brace Yourself!"
"Brace Yourself!" (PvP)"By Ural's Hammer!"
"Can't Touch This!""Can't Touch This!" (PvP)
"Dodge This!"
"Don't Trip!"
"Fall Back!""Fall Back!" (PvP)
"Fear Me!""Find Their Weakness!"
"Find Their Weakness!" (Keiran)"Find Their Weakness!" (PvP)"Finish Him!"
"For Elona!""For Great Justice!""For Great Justice!" (PvP)
"Form Up and Advance!"
"Go for the Eyes!""Go for the Eyes!" (PvP)
"Help Me!"
"Help Me!" (PvP)"Hero""I'll Be Back!"
"I Am Unstoppable!""I Am the Strongest!"
"I Meant to Do That!""I Will Avenge You!""I Will Survive!"
"Incoming!""Incoming!" (PvP)
"It's Just a Flesh Wound."
"Kormir""Lead the Way!"
"Let's Get 'Em!"
"Make Haste!""Make Your Time!"
"Mmmm. Snowcone!""Never Give Up!""Never Give Up!" (PvP)
"Never Surrender!""Never Surrender!" (PvP)"None Shall Pass!"
"On Your Knees!""Palawa Joko"
"Retreat!""Save Yourselves!"
"Shields Up!"
"Shoes" O'Malley
"Springtime for Varesh" Script"Stand Your Ground!"
"Stand Your Ground!" (PvP)
"Tango Down!""The Gooch""The Power Is Yours!"
"There's Nothing to Fear!"
"There's Nothing to Fear!" (Keiran)"There's not enough time!!""They're on Fire!"
"To the Limit!"
"Varesh""Victory Is Mine!"
"Victory is Ours!"
"Victory or Death!""Watch Yourself!""Watch Yourself!" (PvP)
"We Shall Return!""We Shall Return!" (PvP)
"You're All Alone!""You Are All Weaklings!"
"You Move Like a Dwarf!""You Will Die!"
11,000 Daggers1.5k armor
5 Tarnished Platinum Coins
600 Monk
A Belated BetrothalA Belt Pouch
A Brief IntroductionA Brother's FuryA Burning Desire
A Bushel of TroubleA Chance EncounterA Common Enemy
A Cure for RalenaA Deal's a DealA Decayed Monument
A Delayed DeliveryA Father's FateA Favor Returned
A Fleshy OperationA Flickering FlameA Fool's Luck
A Formal IntroductionA Friend in Need
A Gate Too FarA Gate Too Far/Zaishen QuestA Ghostly Request
A Gift for Althea
A Gift of GriffonsA Good DeedA Heart of Ice
A Hidden ThreatA History of ViolenceA Hunter's Pride
A Land of HeroesA Leap of FaithA Letter Home
A Little HelpA Little Help From AboveA Little Recon
A Loose CannonA Master's BurdenA Meeting With the Emperor
A Mesmer's BurdenA Message HomeA Message for Janeera
A Mission of PeaceA Monk's MissionA Monstrous Revelation
A Mysterious MissiveA New Elementalist TrainerA New Escort
A New GuideA New Mesmer TrainerA New Monk Trainer
A New Necromancer TrainerA New Ranger TrainerA New Warrior Trainer
A Peaceful SolutionA Perplexing PlagueA Personal Vault
A Prescription for ConscriptionA Question of MoralityA Second Profession
A Show of ForceA Sound of Ancient HornsA Sticky Operation
A Stolen SporeA Strange RequestA Strange Request (2006)
A Tasty MorselA Test of MarksmanshipA Thorn in Varesh's Side
A Time for HeroesA Time for Heroes/Zaishen Quest
A Time for Heroes (explorable)A Touch of GuileA Treaty's a Treaty
A Troubling TheoryA Vengeance of BladesA Very Grentchie Wintersday
AahtanAaron Fletcher
Aaron Fletcher/CollectorArmorAatxeAbaddon
Abaddon's AdjutantAbaddon's ChosenAbaddon's Conspiracy
Abaddon's Dead ChildrenAbaddon's Favor
Abaddon's Gate (mission)Abaddon's Gate (mission)/Zaishen Quest
Abaddon's Gate (outpost)
Abaddon's Mouth (mission)Abaddon's Mouth (mission)/Zaishen QuestAbaddon's Mouth (outpost)
Abaddon ShrineAbasi
Abbot's RobesAbbot RamothAbbot Silverbeard
Abijah the DecayedAbjorn
Abnormal SeedAbominable TonicAbomination