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This article is about a part of Guild Wars that has been removed from the game.

Please see the history of this article for further information.

Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Meet Guardsman Miru and the Tengu in Panjiang Peninsula outside of Raiyan Cave, the source of the Naga assault.
  2. Raid Raiyan Cave and destroy all the Naga you encounter. Prevent them from organizing further assaults during the Day of the Tengu celebration.
  3. See Master of Celebration for your reward.

Obtained from

Master of Celebrations in Shing Jea Monastery (during the Day of the Tengu event)


Defend Aerie



"You have accomplished much, friend, but I fear if we don't strike at the heart of the Naga they will continue to harass the public throught today's ceremony. Guardsman Miru believes the only solution is to go on the offensive and take the fight to the enemy. The emperor has been briefed on Miru's plan and has subsequently given his blessing."
"At this moment, Miru and our Tengu allies march Panijang Peninsula to assail the Raiyan Cave, the reputed home of the Naga. Will you join them in the attack?"

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This was a one-time event held during the Factions headstart, no Day of the Tengu-specific quests or events remain accessible.