A Leap of Faith

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Talk to Sahreh's father, Dalz, just outside Beknur Harbor. Tell him about Sahreh's behavior and request he meet with the two lovers.
  2. Meet with Dalz on the Cliffs of Dohjok.
  3. Bring Dalz to Behron and Sahreh.
  4. Witness the argument.
  5. Witness the duel. You can choose to aid Behron or simply let the duel resolve. As Sahreh will heal Dalz, Behron will be killed if you do not intervene.
  6. See Behron for your reward. -OR- See Dalz Jehlon for your reward

Obtained from

Behron in Cliffs of Dohjok



Isle of the Dead active or completed


The duel
"Sahreh and I have loved each other since we were children. But when I chose to become a stonecutter instead of farming my family's land, Sahreh's father, Dalz, forbade Sahreh from speaking with me. A year went by, but we couldn't stand being separated and started meeting in secret... until two weeks ago. Sahreh's father saw her sneak out and followed her. When he saw us together, he screamed that Sahreh was dead to him. She hasn't eaten or spoken since. She just stands here staring out to sea. It's killing her. Please, speak with her father for us. He will listen to a Sunspear."
Accept: "We must not let Sahreh wither and die. I will hasten to her father with this news."
Reject: "I'm sorry. The Sunspears have firm rules against getting involved in domestic disputes."

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Dalz Jelon)

"Behron wasn't good enough for her! He never will be. The only way he'll ever get my daughter's hand is to fight me for it! I will meet with them and tell them myself, if I must. Find me on the Cliffs of Dohjok and then you may take me to where they hide!"

Intermediate Dialogue 2

Dalz Jelon: "Behron! You have soiled my daughter's reputation and threatened her honor and that of her family as well. For this, I challenge you!"
Sahreh Jelon: "Father, that is ridiculous!"
Dalz Jelon: "You would be wise to stay out of this, daughter. This is the way it must be. Honor must be served."
Behron: "I will do what I must to win the hand of my dear Sahreh. What are your terms?"
Sahreh Jelon: "You don't mean to take part in this farce, do you, Behron? Behron?"
Dalz Jelon: "We will engage in armed combat to the death. If you win, you earn the right to Sahreh's hand and my seat at the head of the family table. If I win, Sahreh comes home with me and agrees to marry whomever I choose. Although I doubt any would take her after this."
Sahreh Jelon: "Don't do this, Behron. Don't fight him! I love you, but he's my father; my blood. I will protect him."
Behron: "Do what you must, Sahreh. But this is what needs to happen if our story is ever to get an ending. Please forgive me for what I am about to do."
Dalz Jelon: "Enough. Prepare yourself."

Reward Dialogue (Behron)

"I pray one day Sahreh will forgive me for killing her father. It truly was the only way to resolve the conflict. Dalz's honor never would have allowed for anything less."


Reward Dialogue (Dalz Jelon)

"Sahreh will forget about Behron in time. It should now be painfully obvious how unworthy he truly was. She will see this eventually."


Fail Dialogue (by killing Sahreh)

Behron: "Nooooooooooooooooo!"
Dalz Jelon: "You killed her! You murderer!"

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Sahreh will heal Dalz, so if you don't interrupt the match, Dalz will be the one standing.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If you kill Sahreh or both duelists simultaneously, the quest fails, and you will have to restart it by entering one of the outposts.

Caution: Do not bring a Minion Master with you on this quest; if you do, make certain they have a skill to kill off any minions remaining (such as Feast for the Dead), or stop healing them and wait for the minions to all die off first. Otherwise, Sahreh will stay within your aggro circle trying to heal your minions; then when she is marked hostile, the minions will strike at her and cause you to fail the quest.