A Monstrous Revelation

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. You must defeat 10 more Am Fah.
  2. See Imperial Agent Hanjo for your reward.

Obtained From

Imperial Agent Hanjo in Kaineng Center.


Refuse to Drink


3,000 XP
250 Gold
Imperial Commendation


"Analysis of the chalice has lead me to a startling revelation. These Am Fah are truly monstrous individuals and may be as large a threat as the plague itself. They are fanatics who worship and embrace the effects of the plague, going so far as to purposely infect themselves with the disease. The chalice retards the sickness from advancing into its latter stages, ultimately causing the Am Fah to remain stark raving mad and highly dangerous. Because of their meddling, the plague is spreading at an alarming rate. They must be stopped! Will you help destroy these monsters?"

Reward Dialogue

"Good work, <name>. Although there are some Am Fah who have survived, you have bought us some time and slowed the spread of disease. Thank you for your service."

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The simplest place to find 10 Am Fah is in the back alley of Wajjun Bazaar; head to the left as you leave The Marketplace and go up the flights of stairs by the resurrection point. After you've defeated your quota, map travel back to Kaineng Center for the reward.

Sometimes you may get credit for an Am Fah kill for no apparent reason. This may be because you are getting credit for Am Fah deaths that are not your fault, such as those killed by the Jade Brotherhood.