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A New Elementalist Trainer

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Follow the road southwest from town and continue past Ashford to find Wizard's Folly. Continue to the tower. Talk to Elementalist Aziure.

Obtained from

Haversdan in Lakeside County (just outside Ascalon City)


Primary profession: Elementalist
Prophecies Pre-Searing Character
Further Adventures



"To become a more powerful Elementalist, I think you should start with Elementalist Aziure. She is performing experiments at the tower in Wizard's Folly. Follow the road southwest from town and continue past Ashford to reach Wizard's Folly."
Accept: "Thanks for the suggestion."
Reject: "I'll go my own way. thanks."

Reward Dialogue

"A new student. Excellent. I think we can work something to our mutual benefit, and once you've learned the skills I have to teach you, you can look for other trainers to learn more skills."

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Follow the directions given to reach Wizard's Folly. Then follow the road south into the mountains, and follow the path to the tower and talk to Elementalist Aziure.