A New Necromancer Trainer

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Follow the road southwest from town. Proceed past Ashford Abbey to the Catacombs. Talk to Necromancer Munne.

Obtained from

Haversdan in Lakeside County (just outside Ascalon City)


Primary profession: Necromancer
Prophecies Pre-Searing Character
Further Adventures



"To learn more about being a Necromancer, including how to animate the dead, you should talk to Necromancer Munne in the catacombs. To reach the catacombs, follow the road southwest from town and pass into Ashford Abbey. The catacombs are located behind the abbey."
Accept: "Thanks for the suggestion."
Reject: "I'll go my own way. thanks."

Reward Dialogue

"Well, if you've come to study, I can show you how to animate the dead. Once you have completed your lessons here, you will wish to seek out other trainers who can teach you new skills."

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Follow the directions given to reach Ashford Abbey. Then continue through it and to the entrance to the Catacombs. Talk to Necromancer Munne.