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Abominations are hideous creatures of flesh. They are an amalgamation of body parts and organs from living creatures animated by magic. While very similar to Golems, Abominations do leave behind a corpse that can be exploited by necromancers. It seems that there are two types of Abominations, there are horned Abominations and Abominations with a head.

Types[edit | edit source]

Region Type Subtype Collectable Drop
Prophecies Campaign
Post-Searing Ascalon Necromancer11 (24) Abomination With a head Gruesome Ribcage
Ring of Fire Islands Necromancer24 (26) Flesh Golem Without a head Seared Ribcage
Factions Campaign
The Undercity Necromancer24 (26) Fire Golem Without a head Seared Ribcage
Realms of the Gods (Core)
Underworld Necromancer27 (30) Dead Collector
Necromancer27 (30) Dead Thresher
With a head
Without a head
Gruesome Sternum

For a list of all types of Abominations, including bosses and quest-specific Abominations, see: Category:Abominations

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Despite their appearance, most Abominations are not Undead, and are not vulnerable to holy damage; however, the ones in the Underworld are.