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2009-12-21: Ancient Kappa Shells[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Getting to Nick[edit | edit source]

File:Nicholas the Traveler location 20091221.jpg
Near the mechant in the Undercity.

Farming for Ancient Kappa Shells[edit | edit source]

Location of the Ancient Kappa in the Undercity.
  • One available farm: Ancient Kappa can only be found in a small part of the Undercity, just east of where Nicholas is standing this week (see map). There are 8 easily accessible groups of kappa: 7 groups of 4–5 kappa, plus the boss group containing Baubao Wavewrath and 6 other kappa. A ninth group is located at the eastern end of the cross-corridor where the path ends on the farming map, but the close proximity of enemies on the upper level makes it difficult and inefficient to include them in a farming run.
    • The kappa are hostile to both the Am Fah and the Afflicted, and the last couple groups in the northerly passage will almost always start fighting a group of Afflicted before you can reach them. You won't get any drops from a foe if you weren't actually engaged with it, so this is one time where it is not advisable to let the monsters kill each other off.
    • If you have the quest The Challenge active, it will remove all the Afflicted between Vizunah Square (Local Quarter) and The Afflicted Huan, making the run to the kappa much quicker. The quest The Shadow Blades will additionally remove The Afflicted Miju's group, which is helpful if you are entering from Bukdek Byway.
    • Non-Canthan characters generally do not have access to Vizunah Local and should head out from The Marketplace or Nahpui Quarter (outpost) through Wajjun Bazaar. Some players prefer this route if the Am Fah in Wajjun Bazaar are friendly (e.g. from Seek out Brother Tosai or related quests); the route to the Undercity is free of enemies and only a handful of Am Fah guard the path to the Kappa.

Threats & recommended skills[edit | edit source]

  • Threats: general threats like hex, condition, environmental effects etc.
  • Tactics: important tactics, for example pulling, choke points etc
  • Recommended skills: skills like anti-kd, hex removal etc

Solo farming[edit | edit source]

  • Spirit spammers will have no trouble with the kappa. Bring a team of heroes/henchmen to help kill the Afflicted and Am Fah on the way, then flag them back out of radar range.
  • Elementalists armed with Stoneflesh Aura and either Stone Striker + Mantra of Earth or Mantra of Frost will take no damage from the kappa for the most part (their spells might inflict a little damage that can easily be mitigated), leaving them free to obliterate the mobs.