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Assassin unique items quick reference (Eye of the North)

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This is a quick reference to Assassin unique items from Eye of the North content, sorted alphabetically. For unique items for all campaigns or specific to another campaign, refer to the following lists:

Weapon Damage Inscription Prefix Suffix Area ⇒ From
Claws of the Broodmother Slashing +15% (HP>50%) Poisonous HP +30 Riven EarthRekoff Broodmother
Claws of the Kinslayer Piercing +15% (HP>50%) Vampiric 3/-1 HP +30 Frostmaw's BurrowsChest of Burrows
Daggers of the Hierophant Slashing +15% (HP>50%) Zealous 1/-1 Enchantments +20% Slavers' ExileHierophant's Chest
Droknar's Blades Slashing +15% (HP>50%) Vampiric 3/-1 HP +30 EpilogueAssassin's Chest
Droknar's Daggers Slashing +15% (HP>50%) Zealous 1/-1 HP +30 EpilogueAssassin's Chest
Droknar's Knives Slashing +15% (HP>50%) Silencing HP +30 EpilogueAssassin's Chest
Hidesplitter's Daggers Slashing +15% (HP>50%) Zealous 1/-1 HP +30 Rragar's Menagerie ⇒ end chest
Pywatt's Talons Piercing +15% (while enchanted) Zealous 1/-1 Enchantments +20% Alcazia TanglePywatt the Swift