Aura of the Staff of the Mists

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Effect details
Aura of the Staff of the Mists
Aura of the Staff of the Mists.jpg
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Bundle effect
Bundle: Staff of the Mists

The power of the Staff of the Mists heals you and your allies for 30 Health every 4 seconds and drains 30 Health from all nearby foes every 4 seconds.

Notes[edit | edit source]

This aura is granted to you when the Staff of the Mists is dropped. The Aura is "aligned" to whoever most recently dropped it. Whoever dropped the staff will be responsible for the damage and healing dealt. This means that when Battlelord Turgar drops it, you will take damage from it. This is important to note, because the Staff's power is affected by the Lightbringer title when damaging Margonites, so it can be beneficial to have the highest-ranked Lightbringer in the group be responsible for carrying it. Also, beware of Awakened Acolytes, as they carry Scourge Healing, which is capable of causing a great deal of damage to the staff-dropper.

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