Blade Warrior Olivio

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Blade Warrior Olivio
Blade Warrior Olivio.jpg
Species: Human
Profession: NA-icon-small.png
Level(s): 15

General[edit | edit source]

Blade Warrior Olivio is a member of the Shining Blade who briefs you on the Abaddon's Mouth mission.

Location[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

"You have made many allies from all across Tyria. I am proud to be among them and to have come this far with you. I am at your service.
What can I help you with?"

What do you know about the Door of Komalie?

"I know that it's in the most treacherous part of the volcano, deep in the caldera known as Abaddon's Mouth. I know that behind it lies the only chance we have of defeating the Mursaat."

What do you think is behind there?

"I've heard the legends, but I can't honestly say for sure. It's apparently strong enough to withstand the heat of the volcano. Whatever it is, it frightens the Mursaat so much that they're not willing to take any chances with it."

The legends? What legends?

"As the story goes, behind the Door of Komalie is a gateway to another realm. Some say it leads to the Hall of Heroes. Others say it goes farther than that, penetrating deep into the Mists, deep into the sanctum of the gods and their angelic disciples."

How much farther to the Door?

"Not far now. We're about halfway to the caldera. But this may be the most treacherous stretch of land you've ever encountered. Between here and Abaddon's Mouth stands the Onyx Gate. I've not seen it myself, but it's the Mursaat's most highly guarded outpost. This is one of their last lines of defense. If you can make it past the Gate then all that stands between you and your new allies is the Door of Komalie."

What must I do?

"Make your way up the volcano into Abaddon's Mouth and open the Door of Komalie. Vizier Khilbron will show you the way."

Wish me luck.

"You'll need more than luck."