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Botanical Research

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Talk to Horticulturist Hinon and find the whereabouts of the mehkuunah plant.
  2. Bring back a sample of the mehkuunah plant to Librarian Kahnu for analysis.
  3. See Librarian Kahnu for your reward.

Obtained from

Librarian Kahnu in Holdings of Chokhin (Halls of Chokhin)


Tahlkora (unless you've completed Abaddon's Gate (mission), see Walkthrough section)



"Oh, ahai there. You caught me in the middle of my research. I made a recent discovery about a rather hardy desert flower that has far-reaching medicinal benefits. I can extract matter from its buds to treat night blindness, appetite loss, and depression with only mild hallucinogenic side effects. My problem? I'm having difficulty procuring more samples.
I hear the Garden of Seborhin has a number of these rare mehkuunah plants. Speak to Horticulturist Hinon and see if you can find me more specimens. I'll pay you for your time."
Accept: "A little fresh air and exercise will so me good. I'll get your plant, Kahnu."
Reject: "I'm allergic to the mehkuunah. Break out in horrible hives, you see..."

Intermediate Dialogue (Horticulturist Hinon)

"That old herbalist Kahnu needs a sample from the mehkuunah plant? Does he [sic] have any idea how toxic that stuff is? Well, all in the name of science, I suppose. Bear in mind the scent the plant gives off attracts cobalt beasts like you wouldn't believe! Check to the southern area of the gardens, but keep your guard up. And do yourself a favor and don't eat the plant unless you like the sting of fire in your belly."

Reward Dialogue

"Excellent! You found it! What's this... dried red substance on the leaves? Nevermind. Forget I asked. Hand it over and I can get on with my research.
I've already gotten several solicitations from some interesting merchants about mass producing my medicine. They tell me it'll be a popular study aid at the university.... Oh, before I forget, here's your reward."

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Take Tahlkora with you and take the western exit out of Tihark Orchard. The entrance to the explorable area of Garden of Seborhin is right outside; two steps and you're there. Talk with Seborhin Protector Zuor and he'll let you in.

Notes[edit | edit source]