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Captain Quimang
Captain Quimang 2.jpg

Species: Crimson Skull
Level(s): 14


Captain Quimang is the leader of the Crimson Skull guild that terrorizes Shing Jea Island. A former student of Master Togo, he left the monastery and rose to become leader of the Crimson Skulls. While the Emperor wishes to see the Crimson Skulls destroyed, Kisu accedes to Togo's request to give the wayward guild several chances to mend their ways.

After all diplomatic channels have been exhausted (in Togo's Ultimatum) and a pitched battle against his forces in the Siege at Tsumei Village, the player is instructed to kill Quimang in the quest Quimang's Last Stand.

Quests Involved In

Captain Quimang.jpg
During the quest Togo's Ultimatum



  • Amusingly, whenever his name is mentioned, such as in the conversation between Crimson Skull Hunter and Farmer Xeng Jo, the first four letters of his name are censored in the chat log, as they are a slang term from the 18th century, meaning a vagina.
Captain Quimang name censoring.jpg
Chat log showing name censoring
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