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3 Bosses, 225 Norn Points, 8 Minutes[edit source]

Hard Mode; Pain Inverter is very useful. Hero Skills: 7-Hero Player Support [1]. Enter Jaga Moraine. North to Frostmaw's Burrows. Enter and leave the dungeon. Get the Norn Hunting Party bonus from Freygerd at the shrine. Head east to the loop: Ssissth the Leviathan. Back to the Steep hill near the shrine: Whiteout. Northwest up the crooked path: Avarr the Fallen. Back to the dungeon. Repeat.

Although the setup will take longer than 8 minutes, once you get to the dungeon, it is a quick but boring way to accrue Norn reputation points reasonably quickly. Player speed boost will probably make it 7 minutes. Separ 04:07, 8 May 2012 (UTC)