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Skree, Harpies and Griffons[edit source]

There is a conflict about how skree, harpies and griffons link together. See Talk:Harpy. For now, I'll create a category Category:Skree harpies and a category [[::Category:Skree griffons]]. Both will be a sub-category of Category:Skree, but Skree griffons will also be a sub-category of [[::Category:Griffons]] and Category:Skree harpies will also be a sub-category of Category:Harpies. That seems like the best solution for now, based on what we know. --Tetris L 02:44, 26 September 2006 (CDT)

Note:Please continue the discussion in Talk:Harpy, not here. --Tetris L 01:57, 29 September 2006 (CDT)