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There seems to be some confusion here. The article states that outposts are not mission locations, yet half the things listed for Nightfall here are mission locations. Although the Factions category correctly lists only outposts, there are two categories for Factions: Category:Factions outposts (which exclusively contains mission locations) and Category:Outposts (Factions) (which has all the non-mission location outposts, and is the one used here). It would seems that the discussion for "Factions outposts" mentions a possible pending move, but that was from over a year ago; moreover, "Outposts (Factions)" would maintain the consistency with the other campaigns anyway.

So, there seems to be two things that need to be done:

  • Remove all Nightfall mission locations from Category:Outposts (Nightfall)

and then:


  • Create Category:Nightfall outposts for all Nightfall mission locations


  • Delete Category:Factions outposts


  • Move Category:Factions outposts to Category:Factions mission locations


  • Create Category:Nightfall mission locations for all Nightfall mission locations

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