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Quest templates[edit source]

Let's talk about what kind of data we'd like to see associated with each quest, and what form it should take. Pertinent info would be: quest giver w/ location, reward, associated skills given per class, walkthrough, useful messageboard threads. Adam

Yeah, they all sound good :) "quest giver w/ location, reward, associated skills given per class" these could all make good candidates for "quest box" details. The main text could contain walkthrough info.

Ripping content[edit source]

I feel a bit uncomfortable having links to other threads. It makes me feel like we're saying "this place is better" or something. I'm all for linking to other sites, but I think we should make an effort to reproduce things like maps ourselves and just link to sites to say "here is a reference". I would rather see the original authors of the guides on forums help with the wiki, since it's in everyone's interest to have a complete encyclopedia of Tyria and Guild Wars. Ok, sorry, I strayed from the point there, but you see what I mean ;) wub wub - LordBiro

I don't feel like it's a problem to rip content from message board threads. The purpose of this wiki (in my mind) is to provide a consolidated base of information gathered by users (us). I wouldn't expect JoeSchmoe247 to contribute, or even be aware (at this point) of this wiki. Once the (1) structure and (2) content is in place, the traffic (and hence additions) to the wiki will pick up. For the time being, if I find something useful (a guide to a quest, beta on where to find this or that, etc) I'll share it with the community here, and hope that others do the same. It's a pain to search a message board for info, but that's the "forum" most people choose to interact. Unfortunately, it's unstructured and really great information often gets lost in the incessant shuffle. So when we pick that information up and put it here ("Hey, this is good stuff!"), I think it's appropriate to credit the original authors and source. Adam

Yeah Adam, I agree, I just wanted to get it off my chest really. Of course in its current state we can't expect 'editors' to prefer this medium over a message board, but personally I'm going to make some efforts to get people in here. - LordBiro

Quest Categories[edit source]

Currently I don't think there's a way to sort quests based on their rewards. Or is there? It's something to think about, if you want to for example, gather all the Imperial Commendations you can, or sort by quests that give high amounts of experience or gold. --Jasminethetender 16:39, 27 March 2007 (CDT)