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Category talk:Spells

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Is there a difference between an "Enchantment" and an "Enchantment Spell"? --Tetris L 00:05, 24 Sep 2005 (EST)

I don't think so. I assume someone started used "Enchantment" and someone else noticed the game uses the term "Enchantment Spell".. It should just be "EnchantmentS" --Karlos 10:44, 24 Sep 2005 (EST)
Dunno. The game lists them as "Enchantment Spells." --Fyren 11:46, 24 Sep 2005 (EST)

New Subcategories[edit source]

How about Category:Ward Spells and Category:Well Spells what with the induction of Category:Ashes Spells? 03:14, 25 February 2006 (CST)

Or at the very least a Category:Weapon Spells? Well see, that exists, and I'm confused now. Are spell skills that are under subcategories like Weapon Spells supposed to be listed as under the categories "Weapon Spells" as well as "Spells"? I'm confused... 03:18, 25 February 2006 (CST)