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Charr formations

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The Charr formation is a battle strategy used by Charr in the Guild Wars Eye of the North expansion. When aggroed, the Charr in a group will all run towards a single point in the center of the group.

While in game this is claimed as a "powerful in combat and difficult for the weak and uninformed to break," it actually makes the Charr very easy targets for nuking. The formation is only seen when a group is first engaged, after that standard enemy mob AI will take over and the Charr will break formation.

Formations[edit | edit source]

The formations themselves all consist of a semi circle with important Charr support casters in the middle, with slight variations dependent on the make up of the group.

  • If the group contains warriors, they will always stand in front of spell casters.
  • If the group is comprised solely of spell casters, only monk Charr stand in the center.
  • Small groups of four or less Charr will sometimes form a box pattern that keeps them out of adjacent area of one another.