Cleansing the Shrine

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Travel to the Shrine of Maat.
  2. Cure Brother Sitai of his affliction and restore order at the Shrine of Maat.
  3. See Mei Ling for your reward.

Obtained From

Mei Ling in Sunqua Vale


Locate Mei Ling
Profession: Mesmer



"What a fortunate time to begin your training. The priest who tends the Shrine of Maat in Sunqua Vale seems to be hexed with an unusually powerful experimental illusion and has become a danger to himself and those around him. Please travel to the Shrine of Maat and cure Brother Sitai of his unfortunate problem. You will need to bring along a hex-removal skill in order to complete this mission."

Intermediate Dialogue (after removing the hex on Brother Sitai)

Faozun: Thank you so much. Now my journey will not have been in vain.
Je Ling: Oh, thank you for restoring that poor priest to his rightful self! I must make my offering now.
Guardsman Po: Very impressive. I thank you for handling that. I wish I had been able to myself.
Faozun: I come here every year to make my offering to Maat.
Je Ling: My brother has gone on a journey over the mountains, and I appeal to Maat to keep him safe.
Guardsman Po: All spirits of Nature [sic] must be appeased.

Reward Dialogue

"I appreciate your efforts and your discretion. Headmaster Kaa is a great man, but sometimes his enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge gets ahead of his... Ah, nevermind. You have done well."


Track Down Lo Sha

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Important note: To be able to complete this quest, you must either have Taya with you, or bring the Shatter Hex skill given to you.

Head into the mountainous region in the middle of Sunqua Vale and look for the Shrine of Maat. Once you near the bridge, you'll see Faozun, Je Ling, and Guardsman Po standing before the bridge, unable to approach the shrine. Cross the bridge and use Shatter Hex on Brother Sitai to complete the quest. If you do not have Shatter Hex, or delay using it, Taya will use Purge Signet or Remove Hex on Brother Sitai.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The hex on Brother Sitai is an unknown monster-only skill (Revealed Hex doesn't become another skill).