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Collector's Edition

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The Collector's Edition[edit | edit source]

The Collector's Edition is a limited supply copy of its respective game. Its price is usually marked up to $69.99 (in contrast to the normal edition, which is priced at $49.99), and includes a variety of additional content.

  • Collector's Editions often includes:
    • A) In-Game Bonuses (such as special weapons, emotes and pets)
    • B) Special in-depth materials relating to the game
    • C) Desktop extras (mouse pads, posters, stickers)

The release day for the Collector's Edition is the same as the Normal editions. The number of released Collector's Editions is unknown.

Prophecies[edit | edit source]


The Prophecies Collector's Edition came with the following extras:

  • Game Discs: 2 CDs in a jewel case
  • Guild Wars Art Book: Hardcover; 128 pages
  • Guild Wars Soundtrack CD
  • Guild Wars Logitech Internet Chat Headset
  • TeamSpeak (Speakeasy) Software installation disc
  • TeamSpeak Installation Instructions
  • The In-Game Emote Divine Aura

Factions[edit | edit source]

Factionsce cover.jpg
The Factions Collector's Edition came with the following extras:

  • Soundtrack CD
  • Double-sided poster: Map of Cantha and Factions Poster
  • Game Manual
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Art book
  • Desk Calendar
  • Mouse Pad
  • Sticker Set
  • Special In-Game Dance Emote for the Assassin and Ritualist
  • Bonus Music Key
  • Miniature Kuunavang

Nightfall[edit | edit source]


The Nightfall Collector's Edition came with the following extras:

  • Nightfall Bonus Music Key, providing exclusive in-game music
  • Printed Cardboard Slipcase with
    • Nightfall Game DVD
    • Nightfall Soundtrack CD
    • "Making of Guild Wars Nightfall" DVD, with behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the designers, writers, illustrators, and animators
  • "The Art of Nightfall" art book, 124 pages, WxH 243x178mm (9.5x7.0")
  • Nightfall Collector's Skill Pins, a pair of metallic pins showing icons of Vow of Silence and "It's just a flesh wound.", in a small cloth bag
  • Nightfall Collector's Standee, a foldout standee of Warmarshal Varesh
  • Nightfall Map Poster, a 16x24-inch map of Elona
  • Nightfall Collector's Edition Poster
  • Miniature Varesh
  • Special dance emotes for your Dervish or Paragon