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Concept art

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Concept artists[edit | edit source]

Daniel Dociu

Doug Williams

  • Dougbot
  • dougblot.blogspot

Horia Dociu

Levi Hopkins

Jason Stokes

Jaime Jones

Matthew Barrett

Kekai Kotaki

Katy Hargrove

Xia Taptara

Aaron Coberly

Kristen Perry

Jason Juan

Richard Anderson

Bobby Pontillas

Brant Fitzgerald

Billy D. Arnold

Hai Phan


Quotes[edit | edit source]

Katy Hargrove:

Doug and Matt do most of the creature concept art here. Billy, Barry, and I take their concepts and crank out fully textured 3D models in 3-5 days per creature depending on the craziness drawn. We try to keep things around 2000 polys, bigger monsters usually go higher. Then the badass animators get 'em and do some kind of voodoo magic dance of awesomeness.

Daniel Dociu:

As far as a tutorial, I've never had the discipline to save/record the intermediate steps I take during the painting process. As a matter of fact, I go for hours without saving, which occasionally results in catastrophic losses when I have a crash. Fortunately, RagnarX periodically screams '"save now, dad!!!" from his station next door. I guess kids can be useful after all :-).

Matthew Barrett:

Jaime (Cicinimo) has some pretty sophisticated photoshop brushes, ranging in complexity from "finish the painting in two strokes" to "finish 4 paintings in one stroke". The kid's a photoshop master- you should see how fast he paints clouds. Myself, I tend to hack and squeeze and massage and generally molest a piece until it feels appropriately submissive to my vision. I'm too impatient and explorative to use custom brushes to the extent Jaime does, but I abuse them frequently as it suits me.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Spectrum 15, edited by Cathy Fenner and Arnie Fenner, contains art by Richard Anderson, Matthew Barrett, Daniel Dociu, Jaime Jones, Jason Juan, Kekai Kotaki, Jason Stokes, and Doug Williams.
  • The Guild Wars collectors editions include artwork books.

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