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Dark Chain Lightning

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Skill details
Dark Chain Lightning
Dark Chain Lightning.jpg
Campaign Factions
Profession None
Attribute Unlinked
Type Attack
    5 Energy.png     15 Recharge.png

Full: Target foe is struck for 300 lightning damage and is knocked down. Dark Chain Lightning then hits each nearest foe in succession, knocking down each foe and striking for 10% less damage each time.

Concise: Deals 300 lightning damage and causes knock-down. Dark Chain Lightning then hits each nearest foe in succession, knocking-down each foe and doing 10% less damage each time.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Dark Chain Lightning is a monster skill used by the Dragon Kuunavang.
  • Despite what the name suggests, this skill is not a spell. Thus counters specific to spells will not be able to counter this skill.
  • Dark Chain Lightning supposedly deals lightning damage, but skills like Mantra of Lightning do not reduce its damage.
  • Shelter and Protective Spirit are effective as they will negate a large portion of the damage and save healers in the group some time and energy.
  • Clumsiness is perfect to interrupt this attack, while the hex timing is important. However, it may not fully interrupt the attack, as Kuunavang is partially immune to them; however Signet of Clumsiness can be used in combination to almost ensure it is interrupted.
  • Blindness can be used to stop the attack from working at all. Kuunavang does not suffer from blindness for long due to natural resistance though, so quick-recharging sources such as Blinding Flash and Blinding Surge are best for this purpose.

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