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Species: Human
Level(s): 2

General[edit | edit source]

Dende is the nephew of Prince Mehtu the Wise.

Location[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

If your character is female:

"My uncle Mehtu says I should learn to dance, but my friends say I'll get sick if I touch girls 'cause they're gross and smelly!"

If your character is male:

"Will you find a girl to dance with me?"

Quotes[edit | edit source]

When doing the bonus in the mission:

  • "Are you ready? Let's dance the night away!"
  • "Thank you for showing me those moves. I guess girls aren't so bad after all."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

This character is named after the young Namek healer, Dende, who later becomes guardian of the earth in Dragon Ball Z.