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A Destroyer of Sinew, a typical Destroyer.

The Destroyers are fiery, nearly mindless creatures who seek to clear the Depths of Tyria of all life.

Types[edit | edit source]

Type Trophy
NA-icon-small.png 16 (25) Destroyer Spawn
Warrior 24,28 (26,30) Destroyer of Bones
Warrior 28 (30) Destroyer of Earth
Warrior 24,28 (26,30) Destroyer of Flesh
Warrior 24,28 (26,30) Destroyer of Sinew
Ranger 24,28 (26,30) Destroyer of Deeds
Ranger 10,24,28 (24,26,30) Destroyer of Hordes
Necromancer 24,28 (26,30) Destroyer of Hope
Mesmer 20,24,28 (26,26,30) Destroyer of Thoughts
Elementalist 28 (30) Destroyer of Lives
Elementalist 28 (30) Destroyer Tremor
Ritualist 15,28 (25,30) Destroyer of Souls
Dervish 28 (30) Destroyer of Compassion
Destroyer Core

Notes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]