Dynasties of Elona

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The Dynasties of Elona are the dynasties of kings who ruled Elona for several hundred years.

The history of the dynasties is split into:

No. Name Reign (DR) Remark
1 Primeval Dynasties 0 - 652 The Primeval Kings established their reign shortly after first humans settled in Elona. They started in Istan (Fahranur was their capital), but later spread their rule into what would become Kourna and Vabbi. They burried their dead in the Tomb of the Primeval Kings. The Royal House was wiped out by the Scarab Plague.
2 Great Dynasties 656 - 783 After the Scarab Plague had been repelled, Admun Kolos took the throne and re-established a dynasty in Elona. It ended with the beginning of the Pretender Wars.
3 Shattered Dynasties 783 - 840 During the era of the Shattered Dynasties the throne was contested and fought over. Eventually they collapsed and Elona emerges as three allied provinces, with each province having an independent leader: The Warmarshal in Kourna, the clanmarshals in Istan and the Princes in Vabbi.