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Region Subtype Creature Collectable Drop
Prophecies Campaign
Pre-Searing Ascalon - Elementalist1 Stone Elemental
Warrior3 Hulking Stone Elemental
Enchanted Lodestone
Elementalist1 Ice Elemental Shard
Elementalist3 Ice Elemental
Icy Lodestone
Post-searing Ascalon - Warrior3 (22) Hulking Stone Elemental
Warrior7 (23) Boulder Elemental
Elementalist5 (23) Stone Elemental
Elementalist8 (23) Stone Fury
Scorched Lodestone
Northern Shiverpeaks - Elementalist10 (24) Ice Golem Icy Lodestone
Crystal Desert - Elementalist20 (26) Sand Elemental Encrusted Lodestone
Southern Shiverpeaks - Warrior22 (26) Rock Ice
Elementalist24 (26) Siege Ice Golem
Icy Lodestone
Sorrow's Furnace Djinn Warrior28 (30) Flame Djinn -
Nightfall Campaign
Istan Djinn Dervish15 (25) Water Djinn Water Djinn Essence
Kourna Dervish21 (26) Water Djinn
Dervish24 (26) Maelstrom Djinn
Elementalist22 (26) Immolated Djinn Immolated Djinn Essence
Living Land Warrior24 (26) Cracked Mesa
Warrior24 (26) Tormented Land
Elementalist24 (26) Droughtling
Elementalist24 (26) Stone Shard Crag
Sentient Lodestone
Vabbi - Mesmer20, 24 (26) Roaring Ether1 Roaring Ether Claw
Djinn Elementalist24 (26) Ruby Djinn2 Ruby Djinn Essence
Paragon24 (26) Diamond Djinn2 Diamond Djinn Essence
Dervish24 (26) Sapphire Djinn2 Sapphire Djinn Essence
The Desolation Living Land Warrior24 (26) Shambling Mesa
Elementalist24 (26) Sandstorm Crag
Sandblasted Lodestone
Undead Elementalist24 (26) Carven Effigy Mummy Wrapping
Eye of the North Expansion
Far Shiverpeaks - Elementalist24 (26) Frozen Elemental Pile of Elemental Dust
Djinn Dervish24 (26) Chilling Wisp
Living Land Elementalist28 (30) Avalanche
Charr Homelands - Warrior24 (26) Tumbled Elemental
Elementalist24 (26) Flowstone Elemental
Elementalist20, 28, (30) Charr Hunter Beast
Charr Elementalist28 (30) Charr Effigy -
Djinn Elementalist24, 28 (26, 30) Burning Spirit Pile of Elemental Dust
Depths of Tyria - Ranger20 (26) Icy Stalagmite
Elementalist20 (26) Shattered Elemental
Elementalist24 (26) Frozen Elemental
Elementalist24 (26) Flowstone Elemental
Mesmer20, 24 (26) Roaring Ether1 Stone Claw
Mesmer28 (30) Anguished Hecatomb -
Djinn Elementalist24, 28 (26, 30) Burning Spirit
Dervish20 (26) Becalmed Djinn
Dervish20 (26) Whirling Wisp
Dervish24 (26) Chilling Wisp
Pile of Elemental Dust
Living Land Elementalist28 (30) Avalanche
  • Hard mode levels are in parenthesis.
  1. Denotes a fleshy creature.
  2. Can also be found in The Desolation.