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Elementalist Deldrimor armor/Male

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Male Elementalist Deldrimor armor gallery

Click on any of the pictures to see a zoomed-in version for greater detail.

Individual pieces

Click on the names of the individual armor pieces to see more views and colorable areas for each piece.

Thaumaturgic Robes Yeoryios Gloves Exquisite Leggings Majestic Shoes
Thaumaturgic Robes M gray front.jpg Yeoryios Gloves M gray front.jpg Exquisite Leggings M gray front.jpg Majestic Shoes M gray front.jpg


Elementalist Deldrimor Armor M gray front.jpg No Image Available M.jpg No Image Available M.jpg
Front Back Profile

Colorable areas

Dyed black

Elementalist Deldrimor Armor M dyed front.jpg Elementalist Deldrimor Armor M dyed back.jpg Elementalist Deldrimor Armor M dyed side.jpg
Front Back Profile