Fire Imp Polymock Piece

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Fire Imp Polymock Piece
Fire Imp Polymock Piece.png
Item details

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Polymock build[edit | edit source]

Health: 3000 Energy: 30
Polymock Flare.jpg

Polymock Flare

Polymock Immolate.jpg

Polymock Immolate

Polymock Meteor.jpg

Polymock Meteor

Polymock Power Drain.jpg

Polymock Power Drain

Polymock Block.jpg

Polymock Block

Polymock Glyph of Concentration.jpg

Polymock Glyph of Concentration

Polymock Ether Signet.jpg

Polymock Ether Signet

Polymock Glyph of Power.jpg

Polymock Glyph of Power

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Fire Imp Polymock Piece.jpg
  • A straight damage dealer. If you have sharp reflexes and are anticipating the opponent casting a two-second spell, you can make use of Polymock Meteor's interrupt ability. Otherwise, all general hints apply.

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