Flame Geyser

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A Flame Geyser
Triggered Flame Geyser

Flame Geysers are found in The Catacombs in Pre-Searing Ascalon and are involved in The Necromancer's Novice quest. They are indicated by large round glowing green circles on the floor. Stepping on these traps causes them to trigger and do a large amount of damage. There are three of these traps, all located in one hall in The Catacombs, and each can be triggered safely by using Animate Bone Horror to summon Bone Horrors from nearby corpses.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The geysers trigger a Splinter Mine effect with base elemental damage of 500. However, the geysers do not inflict any of the conditions of a splinter mine.
  • The traps are survivable with enough Health or Armor: Rangers can avoid death at ~L8, Warriors at ~L5, and others at L16-17.
  • The first trap is almost always triggered by a Devourer; the third can be triggered by luring the Tomb Nightmare from the final room in the area.