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Forest Minotaur Horn/Farming

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2009-09-14: Forest Minotaur Horns[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Getting to Nick[edit | edit source]

Nicholas the Traveler is located in Kessex Peak, on the West Coast, roughly north of Verata the Necromancer's location. See the map for details.

Farming for Forest Minotaur Horns[edit | edit source]

Reaching the minos
  • Suggested Farm #1: Exit the Temple of the Ages, heading southwest to a resurrection shrine, then south along a ridge which will force you to go to the East towards the Kessex Peak portal. As you approach the portal, you'll find about 12-18 of the Minotaurs with another 6-10 past the portal. Rezone through the portal.

Threats & Recommended Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Tactics: Any anti-melee team will make short work of the minos. An especially effective method is to use a Tank to ball up the beasts and drop them quickly with strong AoE skills such as Meteor Shower.
  • Threats: The minotaurs themselves are not much of a threat; they only have a strong melee attack. However, reaching them requires making your way through Reed Stalkers and various Undead, some of whom use Mark of Subversion.
  • Recommended Skills: Bring counters to poison (from the swamps) and to hexes (from the Undead). Alternatively, you can bring 1-2 quick healing spells or spirits. Alternative, L20 players and heroes can ignore any non-minotaur foe and run (or walk quickly) to the farm and/or to Nick.

Solo Farming[edit | edit source]

Try to round up as many foes as you can before attacking.
  • Run to the minotaurs (you should be able to safely ignore the few enemies on the way). For AoE builds, ball up as many minotaurs as you can before attacking.
  • If your soloist has trouble reaching the minotaurs, bring a full h/h party to help you reach the spot and then flag the heroes out of loot range.
  • These standard builds will be successful: 55 Spoil Victor, 600/Smite, 130 Dervish, Perma-Sliver, Spirit Spammer
  • These non-standard/older builds also work well: Raptor Farmer, Raven Blessing.