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Balance Brigade[edit source]

Ok so, Mendel suggested moving this to a different locaction, and even made a userbox! Thanks!

The idea I had was to get as many community members together to ask ArenaNet for some sort of fan forum where their workers would look for skill balance/game balance update suggestions, which would be made and monitored by the community, thus allowing ANet to have better customer contact, and not have to worry about weeding out the flame/poorly written/bad posts. We as a playerbase would have to collectovely write to ANet and ask them for such a thing.

I'll copy/paste the origonal description from my userpage as well as the userbox.

I, and many others I presume, have realized that our beloved game of Guild Wars, once so amazing, has fallen victim to a very bad Power Creep. Also, I have realized that ArenaNet doesn't ever actually look on our Wiki at the discussions, and were not even listed as a fansite! (I don't blame them for not picking over every little piece of flame posts and fluff just to get at the few good suggestions, but not listing us as a fansite? c'mon...) Anyway, I was thinking that ANet probably gets 8237938281274q8928798 emails a day from fans asking for balance, some may be good, and some might be "balanze PalmStrik now plzzzzzzzz" and again, I don't blame them for not taking these seriously, with GW2 on their hands, they can't be expected to sift thru the riff-raff just for a few half-decent balance suggestions. However, I think that if we (the Wiki members), as a fanbase, sent ANet an email with many well thought out balance suggestions, and suggestions for some sort of official fan forum where fans can post balance suggestions, and I'm sure some people would be willing to help separate out the trash posts for them.
I would say that all, well written, reasonable balance suggestions would HAVE TO remain on the forum, whether the mods agree or not. Also, ANet members could look at this forum to see what the GW community believes is a good fix for a problem. As of right now, ANet's community communication abilities are about as good as Mark of Protection, and we as a community need to HELP them get better (Really, you can't just whine about it and expect them to listen to you, you have to formulate ways we can assist them.) so I suggest we come together to create some official ANet forum where people make balance suggestions, starting with rebalance, then balance. However, It can't just be one person, It's gonna have to be a lot. So I would appreciate it if many voices could join this cause.
So, If you're up for such a thing, make a post under the seperate topic. We're gonna need many voices speaking as one for this to happen, so if you are dedicated to the amazingness that is Guild Wars, and want to see this game restored to its former glory (I don't imply reverting skills, NevAr!) Then post your name under this topic, and maybe we can get a group of people goin! I'm in!

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As you can probably see, I'm not very good at Wiki formatting, so if someone who is is interested in joining, perhaps you could make this page prettier?

Notice[edit source]

This is not a forum, or a discussion about game balance, and I really dont want such discussions to arise here as it really wont do us much good. I'll take any and all suggestions about how to make this plan/project work.

Members[edit source]

Post your Sig here if you are interested in being part of the collective, and would be willing to put forth a little bit of effort to get such a website made and officialized. This would not be another Wiki, but an actual, official fan forum, overseen by the community, ready and utilized by ANet themselves. Also, Add this userbox if you feel you want to.

Balance Brigade

Shadowshear 19:29, 24 February 2009 (UTC)