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Update - Sunday, May 01 2005[edit | edit source]

  • Added request for email confirmation during account creation.
  • Added new "/preorder" command to restore preorder items.
  • Incorporated quest improvements to "Althea's Ashes" and "Regent Valley Defense".
  • Updated European and Korean translations.
  • Fixed "cancel" button when setting up guild matches.
  • Fixed camera periodically refusing to enter first-person mode.
  • Fixed henchmen periodically refusing to follow the party after resurrecting.
  • Fixed statue activation when a world gains Favor of the Gods.
  • Fixed Signet of Capture unlocking skills.
  • Added fixes for lag.
  • Added fixes for miscellaneous rare crash bugs.
  • Improved hardware compatibility.

Note: To work around a problem in this update, we temporarily removed footprints and the red dots displaying the path taken in the Map Area window. This functionality was restored in the May 2 update.