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Game updates/20060714

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Update - Friday July 14[edit | edit source]

GuildWiki notes[edit | edit source]

  • This update fixed a bug that prevented Luxon players from entering Saltspray Beach (Luxon) and Imperial Sanctum (mission); brought on by the last update.
  • The fix of the Guild Lord was actually added as a second update.
  • Pets now receive Death Penalty in PvP. Multiple testings can be seen in the discussion at Early in the thread, Gaile denied any knowledge of this as being part of the update. On page 23 of the thread, however, Gaile stated that she finally tracked down the dev team responsible, discovering:
    • This change was intentional.
    • The dev team failed to follow procedure, so it didn't make the update notes.
    • This is a test of the code, and as soon as they are sure it is stable, this will be rolled out to PvE as well.
  • If a player drops more than 255 gold coins onto the ground, the displayed number of coins on the ground will be incorrect. The correct value will be received if the gold is picked up.
  • Signet of Strength: multiple hit attacks now count as multiple attacks for this skill, so Hundred Blades on 10 targets counts as 20 attacks.