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Game updates/20060920

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Update - Wednesday September 20, 2006[edit | edit source]

Preparation for the World Preview Event

GuildWiki notes[edit | edit source]

  • The "icon" for the store has been changed to an Elonian design but there appears to be no new content inside.
  • The amount of health gain provided by Contemplation of Purity was also slightly adjusted.
  • The wording of the modifier "while enchanted" was changed to "while under the effects of an Enchantment"
  • Henchmen (other than Talon Silverwing) now mimic most of your emotes but react to some. When you dance, they will provide you with a band. When you play an instrument, they will provide accompaniment. When you play rock-paper-scissors, they will play against you. They will also perform random emotes when idle.
  • The formation in which henchmen position themselves around the player has been changed. While not moving or fighting henchmen will try to maintain a 3x3 square formation with the player in the middle or front row, depending if they are wielding a ranged or melee attack weapon. Monks will always take the back row while the front row will be occupied by warriors, then assassins, then rangers. Other casters will fill the middle spots in a seemingly random pattern.
  • Nightfall campaign skills are now visible on the PvP character creation screen, however they are locked and their descriptions cannot be seen.
  • Players are unable to call their health or energy.
  • The "foley" sound effect mentioned in the update description indicates the type of armor the character is wearing. Metal armor produces a low clanking noise, while cloth armor produces a rustling and jingling noise.
  • The "random" option in the Observer Mode window selects the game only from the list of observable games.
  • The interface in Observer Mode can be turned off as usual using the UI suppression keybinding (by default Ctrl+Shift+H). Selecting the "hide" check box in Observer Mode starts a 15 second timer after which the UI is hidden.