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Game updates/20080206

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Update - Wednesday February 6, 2008[edit | edit source]

Canthan New Year[edit | edit source]

  • Made preparations for the Canthan New Year's Festival, which begins at Noon Pacific (-8 GMT), February 8, 2008, and runs until Noon Pacific, February 11, 2008.

Party Animal Title Track[edit | edit source]

Skill Updates[edit | edit source]

We will evaluate the following changes this week. Additional adjustments may be made during that time.

All[edit | edit source]

Victory or Death[edit | edit source]

  • Victory or Death[sic]: increased the damage to 25%.
  • NPCs receive an additional 5% damage bonus each minute after Victory or Death.
  • Added "Victory is Ours,"[sic] a new GvG feature that activates at the same time as Victory or Death, giving players on the team with the most NPCs a 15% damage increase.
  • Archers now stand farther apart at Victory or Death.
  • Trebuchets no longer work after Victory or Death.
  • The Bodyguard and Guild Thief now receive a smaller damage bonus than other NPCs at Victory or Death.

Mesmer[edit | edit source]

  • Power Leak: decreased target foe's Energy loss to 1..5.
  • Clumsiness: increased casting time to 2 seconds; increased recharge time to 10 seconds; now affects adjacent foes.
  • Ether Feast: increased healing to 20..50 Health per Energy lost by target.
  • Hex Breaker: changed skill type from stance to skill.
  • Ineptitude: decreased duration to 4 seconds.
  • Wandering Eye: decreased duration to 4 seconds; increased casting time to 2 seconds, increased recharge time to 10 seconds; increased damage to 10..92.
  • Drain Enchantment: decreased Energy cost to 5 Energy; decreased Energy gain to 8..13 Energy.

Necromancer[edit | edit source]

Monk[edit | edit source]

  • Light of Deliverance: decreased casting time to 1 second; increased recharge time to 10 seconds.
  • Heal Party: decreased casting time to 1 second; decreased healing to 30..75 Health.
  • Divine Healing/Heaven's Delight: decreased Energy cost to 5; decreased casting time to 1 second; decreased recharge to 15 seconds; decreased healing to 15..60 Health.

Elementalist[edit | edit source]

Warrior[edit | edit source]

  • Healing Signet: increased Health gain to 62..152.
  • Lion's Comfort: increased healing to 40..100 Health; increased Health gain per Tactics rank to 7.

Ranger[edit | edit source]

Dervish[edit | edit source]

  • Avatar of Grenth: duration increased to 10..90 seconds; functionality changed to: "For 10..90 seconds, you cannot be blocked by enchanted foes, and your attacks deal cold damage. This skill is disabled for 120 seconds."
  • Mystic Regeneration: Health regeneration is now capped at 3 enchantments.
  • Pious Assault: increased activation time to .75.

Paragon[edit | edit source]

Ritualist[edit | edit source]

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

GuildWiki notes[edit | edit source]

  • This update also required some players to accept an updated End User License Agreement.
  • This update also reverted the duration of Shadow Refuge to 4 seconds, but increased the healing on ending.
  • New PvP characters now start in Isle of the Nameless.
  • The caster of Ancestors' Rage, rather than the target, now gets to see the damage it causes. It also no longer deals damage based on the target's level, instead based solely on the caster's attribute level.
  • Blessed Signet has had its description changed.