Gate of Desolation (mission)/Zaishen Quest

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Gate of Desolation
Zaishen Challenge Quest
Zaishen Mission
5000 XP
1 Platinum
500 Lightbringer
30 Copper Zaishen Coin
45 Copper Zaishen Coin 1st bonus
75 Copper Zaishen Coin 2nd bonus
150 Copper Zaishen Coin total

Summary[edit | edit source]

  • Tame Queen Aijundu and gain control of the Junundu wurms.
  • *BONUS* Save the 3 Junundu Young
  • *BONUS* Complete the mission in Hard Mode.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Before you can master the Desolation, you must first master the beast. Those not up to the task die a painful, horrible death. The great wurm Aijundu waits for you, mortal. Tame the queen or perish in her belly!

Accept: I can do that!
Reject: No, I'm way too busy today.