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Gloom Seed

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Gloom Seed
Gloom Seed.png
Subtype None
Rarity Common
Value 60 Gold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Core
Profitable No
Common salvage Plant Fiber: 12-18
Rare salvage None
Nicholas the Traveler
Week of 5 Jun 2017
Location The Falls
Quantity 1

Nicholas the Traveler location The Falls.jpg
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What drops it[edit | edit source]

Fissure of Woe

Farming[edit | edit source]

Upon entering the Fissure of Woe, head north and then clockwise around the Tower of Courage, which is the fastest route to get to the Forest of the Wailing Lord. Most of the local foes can drop the seeds, so kill everything in the area; you need not complete any quests.

Collectors[edit | edit source]

Currently there are no known collectors for this item.