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Grenz Frontier is a location where an Alliance Battle takes place.

It is in the Echovald Forest, and is the battleground map reached if the Luxons win enough battles at Saltspray Beach. The control points are roughly arranged in a hexagon between the bases, with a resurrect shrine in the middle. Each side in the alliance battle consists of three teams of four players (all three teams must be from the same faction) to create two squads of 12. The goal is to gain command of seven control points and by so doing, outscore your opponents. For further details regarding gameplay see the Alliance Battle page.

Players may not enter the opposing teams base as they are guarded by a invulnerable, stationary NPC named Base Defender.

This map gives an advantage to the Kurzick, as the control points are closer to the Kurzick base. Kurzick players often get a head start capturing points. The map offers an extra NPC for the Elite Necromancer, Elite Monk, and Elite Mesmer shrines closest to the Kurzick base. The Luxons are compensated for their disadvantage with an Underdog Bonus equal to 100% of their score, providing them with a total of 2 Faction per point scored.

At this map, the Kurzick-Luxon border has passed over 1 or more Echovald Forest outpost.

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  • "Grenz Frontier" is sort of tautologous because "Grenz(e)" is the German translation for "frontier". (The location is simply known as "Grenzland" in the german version).
  Bug! Sometimes when you reach Grenz Frontier the timer starts as normal but when it reaches zero the gates don't open and you can't get through the portals. The only thing you can do is go back to Grenz Frontier.
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