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News - Thursday, March 10, 2005[edit | edit source]

Winning Emblems Revealed

Last Friday we announced the winners of the Guild Wars Guild Emblem Contest. Today we're pleased to show you the submitted works, which will serve as inspiration for new guild emblems to be designed by the Guild Wars Art Team. The emblems will be available for selection by all players during the next Beta Weekend Event. See the images here.

European Preorder Options Announced

Guild Wars preorder options for European gamers were announced today in a European press release. Preordering is available immediately, and most retailers will be offering access to the upcoming Beta Weekend Events via an Access Key. Find the press release, and a list of retailers, in our Press Section on this link.

The special item for European preorders will be the Chimeric Prism, a focus item that grants different bonuses based upon the primary attribute of your character's first profession.

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