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News - Friday, March 18, 2005[edit | edit source]

BWE Update: PvP Options Expanded

We have a special treat for PvPers for this Beta Weekend Event. When you create a PvP character, you will see a new option: "Unlock all skills for the Beta Weekend." This will allow you to fully explore your character's skills and abilities during the event. We hope that you'll enjoy this new option, and will continue to provide us with your feedback and suggestions via the fansite forums.

BWE #5 Begins

The fifth Beta Weekend Event has opened its doors, and players are now exploring Tyria from Ascalon to Kryta and all points in between. Those who have preordered or who have received an access key through a friend or a publication partner are invited to join us this weekend as we explore new PvP options and a multitude of new quests and features.

Fansite Friday #37

In preparation for the March Beta Weekend Event, we offer this week's Fansite Friday interview. This interview is constructed as a community effort, and involves questions about this event and those yet to come. So while you wait for the magical doors to open into Tyria, take a gander and learn details of what to expect in the upcoming event and quite a bit of exciting news for both PvP and PvE players, over in FF #37.

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