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News – Wednesday, May 11, 2005[edit | edit source]

Guild Wars Updates

We've added a significant update to Guild Wars tonight, offering new quests and templates, account storage options, and many other features. In addition, you'll find several game tweaks and improvements. Find the Update Notes here.

Review Mania

A wealth of new reviews have appeared across the Internet. You'll find the latest reviewers comments, scores, and insights on the following sites:

Accept the E3 Guild Challenge!

Top Guild Wars guilds are invited to participate in a special E3 event! We are offering the opportunity for guilds join our Own the Devs and Aim for the Stars competitions. Find out more, including dates, times, and prizes, over in the Events Section, on this page.

Crystal Desert Wallpaper

The latest in our wallpaper collection comes from one of the more distant regions of Tyria, the Crystal Desert. Your choice of image sizes can be found here.

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