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News – Friday, June 24, 2005[edit | edit source]

Bots Banned

Due to continued and flagrant violation of the Guild Wars EULA and Rules of Conduct, we closed more than 100 Guild Wars accounts today. These accounts were actively involved in the use of "bot" programs. We will continue to monitor this situation and will take further action if the need arises.

Guild Wars Interview

We recently participated in an interview with The discussion primarily centered on Guild Wars PvP, upcoming global tournaments, and the Guild Wars Ladder. Find the interview on this link.

Fansite Friday #48

This week's mini-interview is hosted by The Outfitter, one of the newer Guild Wars fansites. Questions involve game change plans, profession balance, suggestions, and dyes. Find the answers over on Fansite Friday #48.

New Guild Wars Reviews

A trio of Guild Wars reviews have been published, offering insight into the game in a variety of languages. Click through to read the latest impressions at these sites:

For more news, see news.