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News – Friday, July 08, 2005[edit | edit source]

Brand the Boss Contest!

As summer heats up, so does the anticipation for the Guild Wars free Summer Update: Sorrow's Furnace. We invite you to take part in our newest fan contest, the Brand the Boss contest. Think you can come up with a clever name for a Stone Summit Slaver? We want to hear from you! For all the details, click through to our Brand the Boss contest page.

Fansite Friday hits Fifty!

This week's Fansite Friday mini-interview is a bit different: We've turned the tables and taken the opportunity to interview several of the webmasters of Elite and Official Guild Wars fansites. Find the questions and answers, on inspirations, reactions, and future desires, on this link.

The Fansite Friday Interviews have spanned a year of Guild Wars development and include several special events, release, and future views of the game. A full list is available in our Press Section.

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