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News – Wednesday, December 21, 2005[edit | edit source]

Design-A-Weapon Contest Final

The deadline for entries in the Design-A-Weapon contest is Midnight (PST) tonight, December 21st. To give a little extra time, we won't turn away entries postmarked tomorrow (December 22nd) either, but after that, we must settle into the judging rounds so that we can determine the selected weapons and get them to the Art Team for final conceptualization. Read about the contest on this page and send your entry or entries now!

More Year-End Awards

IGN has announced their year-end awards, and Guild Wars has placed in two major categories, including Best Persistent World Game and Best RPG. In addition, Voodoo Extreme named ArenaNet as the Best New Developer and Guild Wars as one of the Top 5 Games of the Year.

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