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News – Thursday, June 30, 2005[edit | edit source]

Guild Wars Updated

Guild Wars was updated today to amend three issues. You can read the update notes on this link.

Guild Wars Reviews

There are two additional reviews of Guild Wars online. Find them here:

Guild Wars Interview

An interview that focuses on the release of Guild Wars and provides a few post-release updates is available on Game Cloud.

News – Wednesday, June 29, 2005[edit | edit source]

Major Guild Wars Update

Guild Wars was updated this evening with a significant number of improvements, changes, additions, and perhaps most importantly of all, with a new system for PvP rewards. You can read details of the updates on this page.

Wednesday Wallpaper

This week's wallpaper is a study on a theme of Ascalon with a shift in hues to give a foreboding of The Searing. Locate a selection of wallpaper images here.

News – Tuesday, June 28, 2005[edit | edit source]

Guild of the Week

This week's featured guild is Disturbed Forces. You can find out more about them, including an answer to the mystery of their oddly-spelled Guild Wars Ladder name, in the Guild of the Week feature, on this link.

Another flurry of Reviews

Four new Guild Wars reviews have been posted. Two are in the Italian language:

And two are in English:

News – Monday, June 27, 2005[edit | edit source]

Game Update Implemented

We have taken measures to correct a map location that has been heavily exploited by those using bots. This update is not connected with the normal weekly update, which will take place later this week.

Guild Wars Reviews

Six new Guild Wars reviews have been published on sites in Australia, Romania, and the U.S. Find them here:

News – Friday, June 24, 2005[edit | edit source]

Bots Banned

Due to continued and flagrant violation of the Guild Wars EULA and Rules of Conduct, we closed more than 100 Guild Wars accounts today. These accounts were actively involved in the use of "bot" programs. We will continue to monitor this situation and will take further action if the need arises.

Guild Wars Interview

We recently participated in an interview with The discussion primarily centered on Guild Wars PvP, upcoming global tournaments, and the Guild Wars Ladder. Find the interview on this link.

Fansite Friday #48

This week's mini-interview is hosted by The Outfitter, one of the newer Guild Wars fansites. Questions involve game change plans, profession balance, suggestions, and dyes. Find the answers over on Fansite Friday #48.

New Guild Wars Reviews

A trio of Guild Wars reviews have been published, offering insight into the game in a variety of languages. Click through to read the latest impressions at these sites:

News – Wednesday, June 22, 2005[edit | edit source]

A Letter on Game Updates

We have a letter to Guild Wars players on the subject of future updates to the game. You'll find the letter on the Game Updates Notes page, located on this link.

Kingdom of Ascalon Wallpaper

This week's wallpaper is a study on concept art for the Kingdom of Ascalon as it appeared prior to the decimation of The Searing. Your choice of desktops can be found on this link.

News – Tuesday, June 21, 2005[edit | edit source]

Guild of the Week

This week's featured guild, The Fianna, was created expressly for Guild Wars one year ago this month. Read the member profiles, strategies and tips on this link.

German Guild Wars Reviews

A wealth of great Guild Wars coverage has been published in Germany. The following list contains a number of German-language reviews:

News – Friday, June 17, 2005[edit | edit source]

Exploitation Policy

As players may have noted, we took action to close a game exploit today. We would like to remind players that the willful use of exploits is against the EULA and the Rules of Conduct. Several players who used the exploit have had their Guild Wars accounts permanently banned. If you find an exploit, please contact us directly through We are grateful for the assistance of the community in such matters, and will attend to reports as promptly as possible.

Fansite Friday #47

Our Fansite Friday mini-interview of the week is hosted by Guild Wars Hungarian Arena. Learn about tournament rewards, farming, and game data dissemination on this link.

News – Thursday, June 16, 2005[edit | edit source]

More Guild Wars Reviews

New Guild Wars reviews have been published on several websites. You can find them on the following links:

In addition, you'll find an article on Guild Wars on Game Daily.

News – Wednesday, June 15, 2005[edit | edit source]

Game Updated

This week's game updates focuses on a variety of additions, changes, improvements and more. Note attention to experience points, skills, ascension, missions, quests, art, and monsters, along with fixes for everything from Ale to Oink on the Game Update Notes.

Weekly Wallpaper

This week's desktop offering is an early concept image from the Crystal Desert of Tyria. You'll access your choice of wallpaper sizes and resolutions on this link.

News – Monday, June 13, 2005[edit | edit source]

Several New Reviews

A large number of Guild Wars reviews have appeared in the last few days. Here is the latest batch:

You'll also want to catch the expanded listing of our print coverage, on this page.

News – Friday, June 10, 2005[edit | edit source]

Fansite Friday #46

This week's Fansite Friday interview covers Observer Mode, the PvE experience, and game updates. It offers a bonus discussion about future features and content, as well. Find it on Guild Wars Mesmerize.

News – Thursday, June 09, 2005[edit | edit source]

DirectSong Goes Live

DirectSong, the music expansion site, has gone live. Scope out the site and preview the music (including the four exclusive Guild Wars Special Edition tracks) right here.

Look for more on DirectSong in the future.

More Guild Wars Reviews

Another batch of Guild Wars reviews have been published. Here is a list:

News – Wednesday, June 08, 2005[edit | edit source]

Guild Wars Updated

The Game Update Notes for today reveal many significant updates to Guild Wars, and provide a forecast of changes yet to come. Find the latest news about all game updates on this link.

Caldera Wallpaper

This week's wallpaper shows the Necromancer suffused with the fiery lights of the volcanic caldera that forms the image's background. Find the wallpaper, in a variety of sizes, over on this link.

News – Tuesday, June 07, 2005[edit | edit source]

Bots Banned

As part of our continuing promise to keep Guild Wars free of hacks, cheats, and other exploits, we closed the accounts of more than 100 users of in-game "bots" today. Bots are against the EULA and the Rules of Conduct, and we will continue to remove players from the game if they engage in the use of such programs.

Additional Guild Wars Reviews

A pair of new Guild Wars reviews have been posted. Find them on the following links:

News – Monday, June 06, 2005[edit | edit source]

Guild Wars Reviews

Another batch of reviews of Guild Wars have been published. You can find them on the links below:

News – Friday, June 03, 2005[edit | edit source]

Fansite Friday #45

Our Fansite Friday interview for this week has a bit of a twist. With the advent of an exciting new affiliation between ArenaNet, NCsoft, and a fledgling company called Direct Song, we answer a few questions about the new company and include comments from featured composer for Direct Song, Jeremy Soule. Find Fansite Friday #45 here.

Prima Guide Available

The Guild Wars Official Game Guide, by Prima Publishing, is on shelves now. You can find it just about anywhere games are sold, and there are several online sources, as well.

More Guild Wars Coverage

Another review of Guild Wars has been published. Check it out:

And this week's Planet Fargo features Fargo's Guide to the Players of Guild Wars. Find out what he has to say about "Guild Wars: the quiet obsession," right here.

News – Thursday, June 02, 2005[edit | edit source]

New Guild Wars Lore

A new chapter of Guild Wars Lore is available now. This is Part Two of the Protector's of Kryta. You can find the links to both chapters on our Lore index page.

News – Wednesday, June 01, 2005[edit | edit source]

Guild Wars Updated

This week's update for Guild Wars consists of a large list of improvements, changes, fixes, and additions. Find all the details on the Game Update Notes page.

Guild Wars Reviews

A pair of new Guild Wars reviews and an E3 2005 report have been published.

Click through to read:

Guild of the Week

Our featured guild for this week is Knights Templar. This guild was formed in 2003, and has made a home in Guild Wars since early last year. Read about them here.

Wednesday's Wallpaper

A new wallpaper is available for you today, featuring an early concept piece for Augury Rock, the mystic mesa that lies deep within the Crystal Desert.

Help yourself to a new desktop look, on this link.

For more news, see news.