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News – Tuesday, January 10, 2006[edit | edit source]

Guild Wars Factions Announced
PvP Event to Begin January 20th

In celebration of today's announcement of Guild Wars Factions, ArenaNet invites all gamers to participate in a special event next week. The Guild Wars Factions Global Free-for-All PvP Weekend begins on January 20th and runs through January 22nd. Check out the press release for information about Guild Wars Factions, and for information about this exciting upcoming event. All are welcome to join the event! Keys will be distributed on this website and through various partners starting on Friday, January 13th.

Guild of the Week #31

After a hiatus for the Wintersday break, the Guild of the Week feature returns with a spotlight on a Turkish guild, Dark Saga. Read about this guild, and meet some of their members, here.

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