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News – Friday, February 03, 2006[edit | edit source]

Guild Wars Factions FAQ

The Guild Wars Factions FAQ is now available. The FAQ contains more than two dozen questions and answers about the upcoming game, and of course will be expanded on a regular basis to provide additional information as release approaches. Find it here.

Meet the Guilds – The Valandor

As we approach the start of the Guild Wars World Championship, we thought you'd enjoy getting to know the competing guilds just a little better. Find out the guild members' favorite professions, favorite skills, favorite villains, and much more. Meet The Valandor here.

Guild Wars Garners Additional Awards

The March 2006 issue of Computer Games Magazine presents their 15th Annual Computer Games Awards. Guild Wars has scored in the following categories: Best Game (No. 4), Best MMO Debut, and Best Technology. And don’t miss the preview of Guild Wars Factions in the same issue!

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