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News – Tuesday, February 07, 2006[edit | edit source]

Guild of the Week #35

The GotW spotlight shifts to Europe, with an introduction to Centuria Europa Nova, a large guild that initially formed through the Guild Wars Europe fansite. This diverse guild has members from throughout Europe, and is active on both the PvP and cooperative Guild Wars scenes. Find out more here.

Meet the Guilds – The Last Pride

Let's take a look at another Guild Wars World Championship guild today, and find out about The Last Pride [EviL], one of the Korean guilds that will be participating in Taipei. The article is on this link.

The Taipei Challenge

As you’re aware, the six guilds participating in the Guild Wars World Championship are competing for their share of a $100,000 cash purse and a lot of other great prizes. And now, NC Taiwan has announced that it is offering a $10,000 cash prize if the top guild in Taiwan can beat the newly-crowned Guild Wars World Champion in an exhibition match. Find out the details on this page.

Welcome, Taiwan, Macau, & Hong Kong

The world of Guild Wars is growing, and Guild Wars is growing around the world. We are delighted to announce that at 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time last evening (Noon Tuesday in their time zone) NCsoft launched commercial Guild Wars service throughout Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong. We are very happy to welcome these new players to Guild Wars!

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