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News – Thursday, February 09, 2006[edit | edit source]

Screenshot of the Week: Kuunavang

This week's screenshot shows Kuunavang, a formidable and fantastical creature from the land of Cantha. See the newest combat shot from Guild Wars Factions on this link.

Factions Pre-order and Event News

In a press release issued today, ArenaNet provides details of the Guild Wars Factions Pre-order and of an upcoming pre-release event. The Factions pre-order will be available in just a few weeks, and the exciting pre-release event will take place next month. Find out all the details in the press release.

Factions Preview Event FAQ

Do you have questions about the upcoming Factions Preview Event? We may have the answers you seek in our new FAQ. Curious about characters? Mulling over the missions? Find out details of what you can look forward to during your upcoming weekend in Cantha by checking out the FPE FAQ!

Meet the Guilds – Treacherous Empire

Let's take a look at the second American guild going to the Guild Wars World Championship, Treacherous Empire [Te]. Guild members share their favorites—from characters to heroes—in their spotlight.

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